house keeping

"Housekeeping is the act of doing a chore or task.
House Keeping is the act of caring for and preserving with integrity, purpose, and joy."
- Melissa Poepping

I used to look at housekeeping as a list of chores; and I agonized over it. Now, I look at House Keeping as the act of caring for and preserving our home. Gone are the days of scouring floors with a scowl on my face. Today, I smile knowing the floors my children took their first steps on, are the floors on which my grandchildren will do the same. 
To preserve and care for our home, with products made by hand of
the most superior ingredients...I love it! And I think you will, too.

"I thought I was doing the right thing, buying high-end laundry and cleaning products marketed as 'green' and 'safe.' But my dogs' skin was so irritated, I knew I had to try Melissa's chemical-free approach. I needed to control, once and for all, what was being used in my home. The happy worked! Thank you for taking the time to share these solutions. They have made a world of difference."
– Jean, Los Angeles CA